Image of vetiver grass chrysopogon zizanioides 'sunshine'

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It’s that time of year again! We begin harvesting Vetiver in March and will be ready by the end of March, Early April for purchase while supplies last. Contact us today.

At AquaBio we’ve grown, used and sold Vetiver grass for almost 15 years.  Our project list includes more than one-hundred successful projects using vetiver grass and implementing vetiver controls throughout California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Florida. Call or contact us for more information about your vetiver project!

Fun Facts About Vetiver:

USDA Approved Vetiver
Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides ‘Sunshine’) USDA approved, non-invasive, monocot. It grows upright, rigid, dense and deeply rooted (up to 8 ft. deep and 3 1/5 ft to 4 ft tall) clumping grass with many amazing attributes.

Vetiver for Proven Solution for Soil Erosion & Pollutant Mitigation
Vetiver controls have been successfully used for soil and moisture conservation, bioengineering, bioremediation and agricultural benefit.  Vetiver provides cost effective solutions to soil erosion and slope stabilization problems and the movement of soil and water borne pollutants. It is also safe for animal consumption.

Vetiver for Soil Binding
Vetiver grass has been used for over a century in many Asian, African and Caribbean countries for its soil binding technology and is now found in more than 120 countries including USA, throughout the tropics, and sub-tropics.

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Vetiver Pricing:
$12.00 per cluster.
60 cluster minimum per order. (each cluster contains 3 slips).
Sales tax and shipping are not included.

Contact us for special pricing on orders of 500 clusters or more.
NOTE: All posted prices are subject to change – to verify pricing, please call 424.456.4591 or contact us for up-to-the-moment pricing and shipping when ordering vetiver.