The County of Los Angeles is going “Blue” reducing pollutants in the county’s lakes & reservoirs.

AquaBio Watershed Restoration & Lake Management Division, a subsidiary of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc., has just signed a 5 year services agreement with The County of Los Angeles, the largest populated county in the United States.

AquaBio will be one of two companies responsible for weed control, for Los Angeles County Lakes & Retention Basins. Since 1987, AquaBio has accomplished this “naturally”, using proven proprietary techniques in bioremediation & phytoremediation.

AquaBio specializes in the degrading of organics, in urban, & stormwater runoff & other pollutants, in lakes, lagoons, rivers, & retention basins.

“The fact that we are one of only a few firms in the US, that does not use herbicides or algaecides, as part of our water treatment remediation programs, & of course our success record, is what led the County of Los Angeles to consider us” -DeAna Vitela-Hayashi, Director of AquaBio Water Habitat Restoration & Management Division.