We Are Lab & Field Tested

Natural solutions for man-made situations have been utilized in Europe and Asia for years. In the US, only now are the political, social and industrial climates changing with the realization that chemical and mechanical approaches create additional long-term issues with added regulatory pressure.

Under the premise Helping Nature Heal Itself™ at AquaBio we focus services, products and technologies – utilizing nature’s ability to assist the remediation process. We strive to achieve outcomes that are responsible, sustainable, cost effective with reduced regulatory pressure.

Consulting & Site Assessment
Anaerobic Digestion
Bioremediation Training
CAFO (Confined Animal Feed Operations)
Effluent Treatment Wetlands™
Environmental Permitting
FOG Control (Fat, Oil & Grease)
Industrial Waste Treatment
Landfill Gas Monitoring
Landfill Gas Mitigation
Lagoon Remediation & Water Polishing
Municipal Waste Treatment
Odor Control (Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercaptans)
Stormwater & Greywater Remediation
Remediation Products
Waste to Energy

A Client’s View

“Outstanding Products!”

“I wanted to report back to you on our progress and it is all good news. The “bugs” came along as expected and then some! Our team is very impressed and moving along well with this addition to our  solution package in CAFO orgs. I’ll keep you posted as things develop but wanted to thank you for your good advice and outstanding products.”

30 Years of Field Experience

We are lab and field tested. AquaBio has been at the forefront of pollution remediation since 1987.

Exceptional Staff

Our technologists, staff and field personnel have built a reputation for integrity and success.

Carlos Lopez builds out floaitng islands for Northern California landfill leachate impoundment

Effective Products & Processes

Field experience and close relationships with our vendors, manufacturers and clients have resulted in the quality products we make available.

The AquaBio Team In Action

Dennis Hayashi checking grade with transit.

AquaBio’s Dennis Hayashi checking landfill gas pipe grade with transit, Burbank, California.

Deana Hayashi inspects leachate sump.

DeAna Vitela-Hayashi inspects landfill leachate sump after additional substrate for microbial degraders has been installed, Northern California.

Dennis Hayashi inspecting newly installed landfill gas equipment.

Dennis Hayashi inspecting newly installed landfill gas collection and monitoring equipment.

AquaBio Wastecon 2009 vendor booth.

AquaBio Environmental Technologies vendor booth WasteCon, Long Beach, California.

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Our strength lies in broad expertise, and proven success on hundreds of sites. Integrated products, services and a qualified team of professionals allows us to manage complex and demanding problems with innovative and creative approaches, providing practical solutions to meet your specific needs, priorities and resources.
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