To go along with appreciating our lakes this month we invite you to join Plastic-Free July!

This is an international effort to reduce the amount of plastic we use, specifically single-use plastics, and therefore limit how much ends up in our waterways and also landfills.

Plastic is ubiquitous, but there are simple ways to start to make a change.

  • Avoid products in plastic packaging (choose alternatives).
  • Reduce where possible (opt for refills, remember your reusable shopping bags, water bottles)
  • Refuse plastics that commonly escape as trash (e.g. straws, coffee cups, balloons, plastic utensils)
  • Upcycle/Recycle what cannot be avoided

Plastics break up into tiny pieces and don’t break down. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today!

Plastic is a pollutant and can degrade habitat, harm wildlife, and may even endanger people’s health. Part of what AquaBio does maintaining the health and beauty of our sites is collecting and disposing of trash.

We are doing our part to reduce the amount of plastic in our lakes, both at the source, and how we use plastic in our products, specifically our floating islands.

Come and join us in our effort.

– Kat