For the most part urban lakes are static in nature & have little or no exchange of clean water flowing into or out of them, to dilute the acclimation of waterfowl wastes, fertilizers, urban, & storm water runoff. This acclimation of pollution can create the equivalent of an open waste treatment facility, overwhelming the ecosystems of these lakes & the bodies of water they flow into, whether it is an under ground aquifer, river, stream, or ocean.

To make matters worse herbicides, algaecides, & some times ozone are used which act as a temporary fix killing most plant life which sinks to the bottom sediment, thus creating more food source for the next generation of weeds and algae. Over time this sediment contributes to odors, pathogens, poor oxygen levels, and possible pollution of other water bodies. This process diminishes fish habitat & causes stress on a Lakes ecosystem.

Sadly, this is done just to make a lake, temporally useable for recreation.
An urban pond, lake, river, or stream can not naturally recover from such heavy
loading of pollution, without a remediation program & management in place.
Other forms of pollutants such as pharmaceuticals & biocides, which enter our water systems must also be addressed.

The technology exists, & is currently being used throughout the world. Bioremediation, Phyotoremediation, & “Biomimicry” for instance are less intrusive on a lake’s ecosystem. This process can be less expensive than mechanical & manual labor, fines from city, state, & federal agencies & public complaints.

DeAna Vitela, is the Director of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. Ms. Vitela has specialized in Waste Water Bioremediation, Restoration of Fresh Water Habits & Lake Management. Over the Years, Ms. Vitela has been involved in City, State & Federal Task Forces concerning restoration & treatment of water ways, lakes, lagoons & effluents from urban runoff & waste treatment facilities. For the last 25 years she has also been involved in the research, development, & application of non-pathogenic micro organic degraders, cleaners & bio nutrients.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]