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Since 1987, AquaBio has specialized in the applied science of bioremediation and biomimicry for industrial and municipal wastewater, landfill, green waste, and urban/stormwater runoff. Our strength lies in broad expertise which has given us proven success on hundreds of sites. We provide integrated and multi-disciplinary products and services for clients nationally and internationally.

Our qualified team of professionals is able to manage complex and demanding problems with innovative and creative approaches, while providing our clients with practical solutions to meet specific needs, priorities and resources.

Carlos Lopez launching small 18 foot floating Island turtle habitat. Floating islands aid in the natural bioremediation process to keep this ecosystem balanced.

Carlos Lopez launching small 18 foot floating island turtle habitat. Floating islands aid in the natural bioremediation process to keep this ecosystem balanced.

Meet The AquaBio Team

DeAna Vitela-Hayashi
DeAna Vitela-HayashiDirector & CFO
DeAna Vitela has been involved in the research, development, and application of non-pathogenic micro organic degraders, cleaners and bionutrients for over 30 years. She has specialized in waste water remediation using bioremediation in conjunction with phytoremediation.

As CEO of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. and AquaBio Watershed Remediation and Management Division, Ms. Vitela continues this process in the restoration of freshwater habitats and lake management. DeAna has consulted and provided her expertise for environmental engineering and remediation firms, municipal and industrial facilities, waste treatment facilities, refineries, retention basins, lakes, and aquaculture facilities, both with fresh and marine environments.

Ken Edwards
Ken EdwardsSenior Chemist
Ken Edwards has a B.S. in chemistry along with experience in color science and database computer programming. His experience as a physical science technician & chemist at the National Institutes of Health, Vice-President of RT/Omega International, and analytical chemist at Science Applications International broadened his scope of knowledge and lead to his position as vice president of Alken Murray Corporation.

With Ken’s emergence as the president, Alken-Murray was reorganized as Earth Doctor in 2010. Ken is currently working as the senior chemist for AquaBio.

Katharine Tzadik
Katharine TzadikSenior Biologist
Katharine Tzadik is AquaBio’s senior biologist assisting in the analysis of data, research and development. She has a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection. Raised in the UK and most recently residing in Puerto Rico, Katharine has travelled extensively, taking a role in conservation of coral reefs in several parts of the world.

Her experience has taken her from working with sea turtles in Crete, to fish and coral monitoring in Fiji, to working with stakeholders through workshops and meetings in Florida. She brings valuable experience in project management and research, water quality analysis for watersheds, and a keen awareness of local stakeholder values and concerns to Aquabio.

Kyle Kashiwagi
Kyle KashiwagiProject Management/Landfill Gas Technician
Over the last 8 years under the tutelage of our late president Dennis Hayashi, Kyle became one of our best landfill gas technicians. As junior project manager Kyle combines his responsibilities of overseeing on site & field work with monitoring data entry and reports.

Interfacing with client project managers, vendors and environmental enforcement agencies make him an integral component of AquaBio Environmental Technologies.

Kyle graduated in 2010 with a BS in Operations Management from California State University Los Angeles.

• 40-Hour HAZWOPER & Refresher Cert

Carlos Lopez
Carlos LopezSenior Lake Operations Manager
Mr. Lopez began his career with AquaBio providing assistance in the field for the company’s local watershed and lake management clients. Mr. Lopez has since assumed the role of Lake Operations Manager and continues to provide vital logistics and field support for AquaBio’s varied projects.

• Qualified Applicator Certification (QAC) – California Department of Pesticide Regulation, (DPR) Agriculture Commission

Dominic Ypil
Dominic YpilStaff Biologist & Lake Technician

Staff Biologist & Lake Technician Dominic Ypil joined AquaBio in January of 2021. His focus at AquaBio is bioremediation, data analysis, water treatment, lake and watershed maintenance. Tasked with detailed site reporting and problem solving he’ll also assist as liaison between lake management staff and the AquaBio team.

An avid SCUBA enthusiast since the age of 16, Dominic brings his love of ecological conservation and biogeochemistry to AquaBio. Ypil has a keen interest in cyano bacterial propagation and has hopes of attending Scripps Institution of Oceanography to study more.

Dominic graduated in 2020 with a BS in Biological Sciences form the University of California Santa Barbara. Dominic, an aquarist, also enjoys fishkeeping, surfing and camping in his free time.

Michael Paul Henderson
Michael Paul HendersonOperations & Systems Administration

In 2007, Henderson began work with AquaBio providing design, web, marketing and technology services, eventually assuming the role of General Operations Manager. As of 2010, with a move to Tennessee, Henderson stepped away from operations at AquaBio to focus on his design business Big Bang Group (BBG Design).

In late 2016 Michael Paul was asked to consult with AquaBio on future strategies & opportunities. As of 2021 Henderson has returned to the AquaBio team to assist with operations, systems administration, web presence, marketing and more.

Michael Paul is Memphis, TN based, with most days spent keeping graphic design, web and technology clients happy from his bluff city studio. On weekends you might find him tending garden or with his wife Margaret enjoying the Memphis area with friends.

Bill Elbracht
Bill ElbrachtFacilities Management
Mr. Elbracht’s background as a contractor has been invaluable when it comes to the mechanics of building ANYTHING whether it is in the field, on the water, or in the warehouse. He helps to bring our concept designs to reality, simply and on budget.

The AquaBio Team In Action

Carlos Lopez prepares mini-floating islands for demonstration.

AquaBio’s Field Operations Manager, Carlos Lopez prepares mini-floating islands for demonstration.

AquaBio Site Inspection Team

AquaBio on-site inspection at Alondra Lake, Los Angeles, CA.

AquaBio build-out of floating treatment islands at Magic Johnson Park Lake, CA

DeAna Vitela-Hayashi, Carlos Lopez & Los Angeles County Park & Recreation staff team-up for build-out of floating treatment islands at Magic Johnson Park Lake.

AquaBio Landfill Gas Team fusing landfill gas pipe Burbank, CA.

Dennis Hayashi, Carlos Lopez fusing landfill gas pipe Burbank, CA.

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Our strength lies in broad expertise, and proven success on hundreds of sites. Integrated products, services and a qualified team of professionals allows us to manage complex and demanding problems with innovative and creative approaches, providing practical solutions to meet your specific needs, priorities and resources.
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