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The County of Los Angeles is Going “Blue”

The County of Los Angeles is going “Blue” reducing pollutants in the county’s lakes & reservoirs. AquaBio Watershed Restoration & Lake Management Division, a subsidiary of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc., has just signed a 5 year services agreement

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Why Did That Fancy Aerator Make My Lagoon Smell WORSE?

By: Valerie Anne Edwards, President, Alken-Murray Corp. Edited by DeAna Vitela, Director, AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. There are aeration system marketing companies that promise you that all you have to do to fix odor in your lagoon is to purchase a large expensive aeration system, because aerobic bacteria do not create nasty odors. So, you harness your resources for a [...]

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Caring For Our Urban Lakes

For the most part urban lakes are static in nature & have little or no exchange of clean water flowing into or out of them, to dilute the acclimation of waterfowl wastes, fertilizers, urban, & storm water runoff. This acclimation of pollution can create the equivalent of an open waste treatment facility, overwhelming the ecosystems of these lakes & the [...]

Beach Polluters Targeted

By Noaki Schwartz, The Associated Press Article Launched: 03/04/2008 12:15:30 AM PSTRegional water officials have decided to issue violation notices to 20 cities and Los Angeles County, threatening them with tens of thousands of dollars in daily fines for repeatedly polluting Santa Monica Bay, the beach playground for millions. The move is the culmination of a decades-long effort to clean [...]

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What Happens Around Your Lake, Stays In Your Lake

Many of you have noticed that around your neighborhoods you have nicely paved streets and gutters that efficiently and safely remove street runoff after a rain. Some of you may have also noticed that some of it goes directly into the storm drains in your neighborhood.

A Ton of Sh..!

The biggest pollution problem in most of our urban city lakes is WATERFOWL. Biologists have analyzed the amount of feces an average duck creates per day & come up with 2.7 ounces per day. If you consider your average Southern California urban city lake, of roughly 3 to 5 acres, you probably have about 600 waterfowl on it during the winter.